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Agriculture and Goat farming.


We have over 20 years of experience in farming; our expertise has been in growing all varieties of cash crops and in planting intermediate crops during harvest sessions. Our supplies to city and rural localities have been on timely bond. Most vegetables and rice wholesale buyers have been satisfied clients. Our farming practices have been traditional has been consistent over generations, kindly avail our farming produce at reasonable market price. Our farmers are employed on permanent bases, with constant work man ship manning the water supply, fertilizer, manure and required insecticides. Investors and contract farmers can contact us for our services. We have over 20 acres of cultivable land, good water source and all weather and sessions cultivation, with limited dependence on external or third part to support during cultivating. We plan our harvests and supply at good time before purchase and be committed to deliver on time. You can contact us for all bulk orders. Reasonable price and delivery chargers make us competitive in the market.


Goat farming is a business that has seen tremendous growth in recent years.


Goat Farm  was Started with a mission to be pioneers in identifying and developing best goat breed that is suitable for conditions prevalent in India. Through these years we have learned our lessons (sometimes the hard way!) and have created processes/practices/tools that will help optimize the profit margin while managing the financial and operational risks inherent in this business.


Our mission is to produce high quality, fast growing, genetically superior  Goat  breeding stock and supply to the up and coming goat farms.

We  have always had a passion for farming and We strongly believe that We can make a big difference in goat farming in India. We currently running Goat  Farms in an innovative and very profitable manner. It has been a rewarding journey and we wish you a great success!!



Indian economy is growing at a great speed and the demand for food is increasing exponentially. Goat meat that used to be a luxury for most of the population is becoming affordable to a larger number of people due to economic growth. This has caused an increased in demand for mutton in India and not .


As our economy is growing, demand for goat meat produce has also grown many folds, At SK group Goat farm we are committed to grow the best breed in hygienic environment. Our motive to supply to the demand and price affordability has made us prominent breeders in India. The nutrient value of goat meat include vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, K and essential amino acid rich food source makes it an ideal choice for grand occasions. 



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